GlassesDirect prescribe an apology for their customer

Avid Bitterwallet reader and spectacle wearer Thomas wasn't too thrilled with Glasses Direct recently: "Really disappointed by Glasses Direct damaging my frames then sending them back unrepaired after I sent them to be fixed."

As is the way in this modern world of the intermaweb, Thomas made his views known on the Twitter. While he probably expected a reply, Thomas probably wasn't expecting this:

Short and silly and a little twee, perhaps,  but a great way for Glasses Direct to put their hands up and a) admit they screwed up, b) make their customer feel special but more importantly c) reinforce the message that their customer service is personal. And they sorted Thomas's glasses out too. Top job.


  • w0nKeY H.
    A nice Bitterwallet story??? Is the rapture near ???
  • qwertyuiop
    I like how they're used an extra large font size for the apology - exactly what are they getting at I wonder? Oh wait, I know "Ha Ha Ha, your eyesight sucks, hope you approve of this oversized apology which we don't really mean but we've sent anyway because our name has been through the shit recently" It's almost like adding insult to injury. The day my bank starts sending me letters with size 50 bold Times New Roman is the day I switch to another one!
  • Jeebus
  • Yue
    Class company.
  • pokerhander
    I failed to return Glasses Direct trial frames until WELL after their specified period. A genuine mistake as they arrived and were put on a high shelf in our house to avoid the wrath of children. Then forgotten. They were really cool about it. And refunded the charge I'd incurred. Nice people in my book. Still haven't found any frames I like though ... :-!
  • Ten B.
    [...] GlassesDirect prescribe an apology for their customer [...]

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