Full Channel 4 shows now on YouTube

youtube-logo Now watching thousands of hours of Time Team on your computer has become a little easier thanks a link-up between YouTube and Channel 4. The broadcaster is among the names who will be providing content for the video-hosting site’s new shows section which has just launched.

YouTube say they have 60 partners in the new section’s launch, also including Baywatch, Dead Ringers and ITN News. Dead Ringers eh? Great. Thankfully full episodes of the likes of The Inbetweeners, Brass Eye and the almost-forgotten Absolutely are there as well.

Naysayers will say ‘nay’ to the launch, what with them being naysayers and that, pointing out that the stuff is already available on Channel 4’s 4OD but how many of us spend hours surfing around YouTube then buggering off to 4OD because we’ve got an uncontrollable urge to watch an old episode of Drop The Dead Donkey? Eh? None, that’s how many.

Someone from YouTube said something about partnerships and content and generating new revenues and that but we’re not going to bother. Instead we’re going to embed the ‘Crime’ episode of Brass Eye for you all to watch underneath this story.
Ah, we can’t. Bugger.


  • Dave
    Does this mean I can watch these shows outside of the UK now? Nice!
  • The B.
    Hasn't Absolutely just been released on DVD?
  • Micky B.
    If you like a holiday then you can telephoney........stoney....bridge
  • john
    theyre shutting down 4od. I heard this a while back. Apparently it is far too costly to run. Putting it on youtube is clearly far more cost effective for them
  • Exactly
    Watched every single episode of peep show recently. Men with ven. Cool.

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