Driver 'pulls' mucky prank on drive-thru

The Shake Weight prank has been performed on drive-thru workers. In the clip-compilation, the driver

In a compilation of clips, the driver is seen pulling up to a number of drive-thrus and instead of ordering, he uses the modified dumbbell which makes himself look like he's tugging himself off.

Have a look at the video below.



  • LancerVancer
    He is flexin' wit his herb!
  • Jerec
    Is this one of those American Comedies that's not funny?
  • iForgot
    Bitter Wallet - first for consumer news...
  • LancerVancer
    Holy Shit. I must have been really wasted to not remember writing that!! He is flexin’ wit his herb! Jebus, i know how Chewbacca feels now.

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