Dominos YouTube video leads to apologies and... arrests?

So what happens when you catch members of your kitchen staff sticking food in their orifices and farting on the sliced meats? Well, you sack them, obviously. And then, at the prompting of your PR agency who realise what a skull-meltingly catastrophic PR disaster this could be, you have the president of the company apologise to the whole world.

And if you're the local sheriff, you get your 15 minutes of fame by issuing arrest warrants and hauling the guilty pair in for breaking sanitation laws.

So in response to the YouTube video of Dominos employees adding extra toppings not found on the menu, company President Patrick Doyle has filmed his own. He may be mad as hell, but he can't look you in the eye while talking, so either he's only apologising to just one customer seated off-camera, or he's hiding something even bigger than snot on your large Sizzler:



  • Andy
    Can I get a side order of garlic bread with that apology?
  • Mark M.
    Well done on apologising, even though it was just a couple of idiots in one store doing it. It'd be nice to see more companies doing stuff like this when they mess up!
  • peter j.
    how can anyone who has seen the video order from dominos again
  • hotpot
    He is looking at the camera! He has two lazy eyes
  • Hottie N.
    Pffft. I'll get a dominos again anytime. If everybody knew what they were eating all the time, they'd either never eat anything again, or they'd take off the skirt and chow down. Dominos have fantastic customer service. Wish I could say the same regarding Pizza hut
  • The B.
    Urgh, how can anyone who's eaten at Dominoes eat there a second time? That's just masochism.
  • dvdj
    To be hoenst I'm sure this sort of stuff happens a lot without you even knowing - just that they aren't stupid enough to film it! I used to work in a restaurant as a kid and have seen some pretty minging stuff done by the chefs!
  • callum
    Those people aren't Domino clones - they are individual people. Therefore, this sort of thing possibly happens in any fast food chain, and its no more likely to happen at your local Dominos than it is anywhere else you go.
  • Amanda H.
    That wasn't even the president, it was the Janitor. Anyway, I think they should roll with it. Put an "e" after every Dominos sign.
  • Schexy S.
    Would be far more sincere if he'd bothered to write his own apology instead of getting someone else to write it and hold it up for him. Prick.
  • Zeddy
    "We take great in producing delicious food..." I thought he is the President of Dominos?
  • Anna
    Is this another fake? Just some bloke sitting in a shopping centre?
  • Zeddy
    It's viral marketing. I got a cold watching it.
  • Amanda H.
    I hope they track down the culprits, but will they track down the customer of the Dominose Pizza and Gay-Man-Farting-On-Your-Sausage Topping. They might want to do a HIV test and appear on Judge Judy for a laugh.

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