Denmark - home of bacon and drunk, unprotected 'cosiness'

denmarkEver been to Denmark? If you’re a guy looking to hook up with a drunk girl for a bout of unprotected yankee-doodle then it’s just the place for you. Or at least according to the latest promotional campaign from VisitDenmark, the country’s official tourist board.

Last week, a short video crept on to the Internet, purporting to have been made by a not-altogether-unattractive Danish single mum, Karen. In it, she issued a plea for the unknown father of her young son, August, to come forward. You see, August was conceived after Karen had a one-night stand with a tourist, and she doesn’t remember all that much about any of it thanks to her copious alcoholic intake.

The story goes that she took him back to her place and introduced him to the the Danish custom of ’hygge’ or cosiness. Condomless cosiness to be precise, and nine months later, it was August. Oops.

After much publicity for the video, VisitDenmark decided to hold their hands up and say something along the lines of ‘Actually, we made that. It’s not real.’ In fact what VisitDenmark CEO Dorte Bastard Kiilerich did say was: “Karen’s story shows that Denmark is a broad-minded country where you can do what you want. The film is a good example of independent, dignified, Danish women who dare to make their own choices.” While pissed out of their heads and with due disregard towards accidental pregnancy and the spreading of HIV it seems.

So that’s Denmark, if you fancy a trip there to get involved in some ‘hygge.’ We’ve heard Gateshead’s pretty much the same, only they call it something else there. And the drinks are cheaper.


  • Nobby
    If Denmark is so broad-minded then she should be breast feeding in that film. Breast is best.
  • The B.
    The problem with Gateshead is differentiating between the males and females, I'd do Danish, they like their pork.
  • McBastard
    It's me- I'm the father! *Runs off to Denmark for some more poontang*
  • goon
    danish bacon is getting shitty nowadays. also why not come to the uk with the child. get a free house and free money. you can sit at home smoking and drinking with sky tv and watch trisha or whatever shit is on nowadays. i love uk.
  • jay
    LOL, TAGS: milf! hahahahaha
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