Courier promotes service with warehouse devastation

Rabid Bitterwallet reader Matt was sniffing about the intermaweb for a courier service to use, when he found Reading through their site, they appear to act as some sort of middleman, partnering with well-established delivery services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and so on.
Bitterwallet - Click4Parcels homepage
One look at the homepage, and you know you're dealing with professionals. There's the prices, there's the deals, there's the soothing and reassuring text to lull us into trialling their service, there's the YouTube video showing a warehouse of packages collapsing, there's -

Wait, what? Without any explanation as to why there's a video of a warehouse accident on the homepage (bottom left hand corner), there it is:

What are prospective customers meant to think? That it's a joke? That it happened at's own depot? That their parcel might be smashed into a million pieces by a clumsy forklift truck driver? Er.


  • Nobby
    Click on their video news and they tell you about Christmas post. Hopefully the parcels get delivered more regularly than they update their webpage.
  • Matt
    I'm rabid now am I? Argahc (foam) growl (spit) argharghhh :-p
  • Mobile G.
  • Amanda H.
    Same thing at David Cameron's website, he's got a youtube vid of the Hiroshima Bombing.
  • Squirrel N.
    It's clearly not a parcel depot - it's a warehouse full of stock - probably Bitterwallet's porn stash.
  • Paul S.
    Too small.
    To be honest, who really gives a flying shit about this? I don't think it would affect my decision at all.

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