Caught in the act for less than £100

The neighbour's cat is squatting amongst your prize begonias. The wife is enjoying a little extra-curricular yankee-doodle with a co-worker. Your boss is illegally dumping radioactive chemicals of some sort and knowingly poisoning school children. One of these situations is true, but which one? Without some hard proof, all you've got is a hunch and a wife with a headache she's had since September.

No longer. What you need is a little covert surveillance, and that's where the Swann PenCam comes into play:

It's a real ballpoint pen, that also happens to house a 2GB hard drive and a re-chargable battery which lasts up to three hours. Simply leave it lying around the scene of the suspected crime, and you can record several hours worth of video to satisfy your curiosity. If nothing else, you can pretend to be a spy and sleep with pert 20-something year old sex-kittens before they're drowned in oil by a maniacal crime syndicate. All for just £99.99. Bargain.



  • Edam
    Rip-off, you can get them from dealextreme for $20 delivered.
  • Giles
    What Edam said.
  • Namer
    What Giles said.
  • Will
    What Namer said.
  • jim
    that what Will said.
  • Bond
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  • Amzmalhotra
    what bond said..
  • trendsonic
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  • Ian
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  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    What trendsonic said.
  • Graham
    What IfYouCopyMyNameHeisGay said.
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    What Graham said.
  • What I.
    What What Graham said
  • Zukky
    What What What Ian said..
  • Youthinkyourjamesbond
    What Zukky said
  • Shiz
    combo breaker?
  • BD1
    what the van kerrs said ^^^
  • boothy
    what BD1 said
  • starsparkle2311
    What hukd misc'ers sed
  • well w.
    What every1 else had sed.
  • Matt S.
    what well well said
  • The B.
    Who said that?
  • right f.
    What Matt S said
  • acecatcher3
    my cat died today in a hit and run, the person carried on driving, i heard it aswell, wanker. sorry for the randomness.
  • ace101
    waga waga muppets
  • right f.
    Acecatcher3 If you take your cat down to the local chinese you might get a tenner for it and a free take-away.
  • Jeezey
    Why would he take a cat to the chinese? Its not going to want anything to eat, its dead for gawd sake!
  • Steve
    A 2gb hard drive? Is it 3 or 5 inches wide, this pen then?
  • pete d.
    what is going on?
  • Tom P.
    Ahmed at the kebab joint will give you £15 for the cat, probably £20 at the weekend when they run short.
  • Amanda H.
    I have just bought this pen to spy on the next door neighbours wife. It only took her five effing minutes to find it. My Pen is too big ...
  • right f.
    Amanda - Isn't that your mum's dildo?
  • Tizer
    I saw these in the easy jet in-flight magazine coming back from Madrid...£99...what a rip off!
  • Amanda H.
    Why can't I reply? ~sobs in corner

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