Bus driver goes crazy in Liverpool

Catching a bus is trying at the best of times, what with them being largely grotty affairs with drivers who are a bit too generous with the brakes when you're stood up and set off before you've even got to your seat.

Well, how about bus drivers going on mad rants and squaring up with you and telling you to 'shut your face'? We suspect a few Bitterwallet readers might have given this fella a smack.

In Liverpool, Shea McSorley got on a Cumfybus (terrible name that) so he could get himself home. However, the driver wasn't in a good mood. According to reports, there was a confrontation after the driver turned up his radio, sang loudly and shouted at a woman.

The driver of the bus, as you can see in the video above, said: "Shut your face – you got on the wrong bus. Shut your mouth, don’t be giving me grief."

"You’re going to make a complaint about me? Do I look bothered? You listen to me, this is my bus."

Naturally, the Cumfybus transport manager James Mitchell confirmed that it was all being looked into: "A driver has been suspended and an investigation is now being carried out."

McSorley told the Echo: "The bus didn't move for a while so I went to get off and get in the one behind, but the driver held my arm and told me I couldn't get off. He made out like it was a joke and I didn't want any trouble so I sat down."

The driver then started playing music loudly and shouted at a woman. McSorley continued: "He was driving oddly and he shouted at a lady who was getting on with two little children. It just didn’t seem right. When I complained he told me to get off the bus. He came down the bus to confront me, which I filmed on my phone. It was frightening – I didn't know what he was going to do next. I told him I have epilepsy and I was worried the stress could bring on a seizure but he wouldn't listen."

McSorley said he then tried to get off the bus, but of course, the driver (allegedly) refused and he had to press the emergency door release button before legging it.


  • Slacker
    That'll be another scouser on the dole then.
  • Express U.
    Looks like they share the same driver & customer service training scheme Express Motors based in Pen-Y-Groes, North Wales obviously utilise. If you have any complaint don't hesitate to contact Kevin Jones directly, Transport Manager of the firm - he's a particularly helpful chap... Not.

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