Brian Harvey turns filmmaker as Southern Electric give him a pre-paid meter

Who wants to see former East 17 star and baked potato fan Brian Harvey going toe-to-toe with a van load of coppers and some officials from Southern Electric after the latter have entered his home in an attempt to fit a pre-paid meter? Of course you do.

Armed with a video camera, Harvey seems to have one or two reasonable grievances, including just why the presence of half a dozen Met officers are needed to enforce what he says is a civil matter.

Best of all – the video is being hosted on David Icke’s YouTube account. We’re through the looking glass here people...

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  • brian h.
    You scruffy f^cker look at the state of that house- pay your bills then you F tard, not as if they have turned your power off, for good. did he say "E"on - what about his poor stash hes lovingly cultivating
  • jaffacake
    This is what happens if you don't pay your electricity bills. Surely it's better than complete disconnection?
  • Steven
    This country gets more like the film Brazil by the hour.
  • Jerec
    That is deep baby, deep deep down.
  • Spencer
    Spot the mistake? "Fuck!n come in my house - unlawfully - wiv a fuckin fraud warrant"..... Just a quick reminder you utter utter penis..... If it's a magistrate signed warrant - it is lawful. They have presented their case in a court of law, and have obtained legal permission to enter your property. If your going to use law as a basis for argument, get it right first. Just ask Len the imaginary Luchadore. Who I imagine is undefeated....
  • D!ckweed
    Brian no use pretending its not you, H Harvey is you and you say its your ouse so you are responsible for paying the f*cking bills you tard!! Next time go to court and argue the case..
  • Billy
    Hey, 7.28 reversing light drivers side not working, criminal. Mind you, who spunked all over his hall walls eh ?
  • Mike U.
    @Billy Was he not a 'plasterer' if I remember correctly LOL
  • Willy
    @Billy: Reverse light seems to be working @7:32 when the van was reversing. In any case, I'll hazard a guess that one working reverse light is legally adequate.
  • Tom
    Regardless if he is scum of what ever, the police are involved in a private company enforcement. So you're saying people that the bailiffs can get help from the police to take your stuff just to keep the peace? Sad
  • ed
    Car crash TV at its best had me in stiches
  • Kevin
    @Tom yes they can, that's the point. It's not private enforcement, the baliffs are members of the public too and they are protecting them. Don't forget they are also making sure that the people going into your house aren't doing anything they shouldn't be doing.
  • katsumitsu
    When is Crimwatch on so I can watch this on tv, because if Brian Harvey said it'll be on, it must be true....innit mate
  • Harvey R.
    Christ, what a loser.
  • TimB
    So let's get this right....they erroneously set up the account in the wrong name, and our hero saw an opportunity to avoid paying the bill by using the "not in my name mate" line, and then spits his dummy when it turns out that his little plan didn't work, and it turned out that he was actually supposed to pay for his electric after all. Respect to the bloke for having a go, but his approach wasn't ever going to work.
  • TimB
    As for the police presence - perfectly acceptable. Southern Electric will almost certainly have had to pay the police to attend - they don't just come out for that kind of thing because they're bored. And yes, they are only there to prevent a breach of the peach. That applies on both sides. In his defence, they should have had all the paperwork they needed with them - it didn't seem from the video that they were able to provide him with a copy of the warrant. That, however, is a discussion that should have been had on the doorstep, at which point he could have happily told them to fuck off until such time as they were able to provide him with a copy of the warrant. Telling him a copy is available at the court for him to view really doesn't cut it.
  • Phil B.
    What a shithole he lives in its a pity he spunked all his money on

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