Asda boy runs amok - colleagues mourn end of civilisation

Honestly, retail staff these days. If they’re not dissing customers on trendy social networking websites, they’re throwing eggs around and licking raw chickens.

Retail staff used to know how to behave. They’d tug their forelocks, call all customers ‘sir’ or ‘madam’ or ‘your worship’ and would treat the stock as though it were their own.

Sadly, those days are over. Here’s a video that has hit the news, featuring a former Asda employee embarking on a one-man wrecking crusade during a series of long, lonely night shifts at the Fulwood store.

The video (which features a needless reference to the Asda Riot Boy’s ethnic origin – thanks original uploader) shows him setting off a fire extinguisher, playing football with food, slashing colleagues' coats and pissing in a bin.

He later returns to the store, no longer an employee, licks and pokes a raw chicken before putting it back on display.

Thoroughly infantile stuff and the lad deserves everything that’s coming to him. For us though, the best part is the heartfelt apology video from the Asda store in question (below). Various staff members disclose their shock, horror and disgust at the actions, delivering a thinly-veiled ‘we’re not all like that’ message in a tone more suited to a the murder of a pensioner.


  • Name (.
    I've dicked about in my time, but he takes it about 17 stages too far. What a cock. I see he didn't make enough noise to wake up the security guards though. I'm sure this video doing the rounds isn't doing his current job prospects much good either. :)
  • Laurz
    Hopefully he'll face criminal charges for his crimes. Hoax call to the firebrigade? (be setting off an alarm) Get him locked up for a month
  • Andrew
    What a fuckin dick
  • abc
    hope he got raw chicken food poisoning. twat
  • Michael A.
    I hope he gets everything that's coming to him. Including a swift kick up the arse.
  • Grapey
    Woah! How big is that womans arse who walks into shot at the beginning of the second video when the store manager is speaking?!
  • The B.
    Ditto (it could be Beth in that shot), I agree, anyone who's worked weekends in a Supermarket knows that half the fun is the chaos you can cause, I started yoghurt cricket matches which were about as messy as mine got but invariably I'd feel guilty and clean up afterwards cos I'm a pussy.
  • Mr K.
    tbh im sure the staff at mcdonalds normally kids who are 16-20 do a lot worse like acctually spit in our food, this guy in the video took things to far, tbh when i was at sainsburys we played cricket with the apples lol. (the apples were rotten and needed to be binned before anyone decides to go on a rant)
  • Iggy P.
    Personally i think this guy should become a national hero, just for having a sense of humour, you guys should fuckin grow up, you only hate him cause it was in ASDA. I bet if he pissed on the fancy chicken in M&S everybody would love him, and if he did it in Lidl he would get strung up by the B***s (balls). Miserable cunts!
  • Mike
    As long as we put the food back noone cares, even the managers have played.
  • Uncle
    I wonder if that chicken was halal.
  • Mick T.
    I hope the cunt taking the video got punted as well. Dumb fucks.
  • flibby g.
    His retarded mate sounds like he's so in love with him. The whole thing has a deeply homoerotic undertone.
  • Nobby
    Why the hell can they not use the word staff these days? Colleague areas, colleague announcements, ...
  • matt
    what a fucking bell end - get a life
  • goon
    i'll never goto asda again. hang on. i don't go there anyway. bonus
  • Maude
    What a complete cunt.
  • Si
    He has been suspended from Carphone Warehouse Tulketh Mill Preston Customer Support department. Likely he will be sacked as a risk to the business
  • Amanda H.
    Fuck, Im grabbing the £50 reward for information for the chair damage. I saw who did it too.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. In my student days, i used to spit on the the burgers/kebabs of fat drunk twats who used to come to Hassan's Kebab shop late at night. But i have deleted the vids from my phone for fear of incriminating myself.
  • Junkyard
    The section at 5:30 is particularly disturbing - he's putting products onto the wrong shelf! That's pretty damned subversive stuff - doubly so in Asda, where such product-related chaos is nigh unheard of. The staff video is enlightening - they are all shocked at his behaviour, but *particularly* so at him fucking up their rest room and screwing with their property. Licking a chicken is nothing compared to that.
  • Me
    What a prat. Pity he didn't catch some nasty disease from licking the raw chicken.
  • exactly
    Adeel Ayub = twat. Be ironic and hilarious if his house burnt to the ground while the fire brigade were wasting their efforts on a hoax call.
  • Marcus S.
    So a normal working day at a supermarket then? Didn't look too out of the ordinary.
  • A P.
    The speccy bird who was talking from in front of the bacon = A1
  • Rob
    Funniest shit I have seen in ages. This is what happens when you give people boring and underpaid jobs. If you stick to such a lousy job for too long, you will either go nuts, get depressed, or go in to management. Thank fuck he had the good sense to go mental!
  • Arrest B.
    [...] Asda Riot Boy, the nightshift employee at the supermarket’s Fulwood store who was filmed going apeshit in the dead of night? Of course you do – there was the slashing of colleagues’ coats, the smashing of eggs and the [...]
  • flashy
    Great read! thx
  • Carlos
    I think it's funny, only scumbags shop @ ASDA
  • veedubjai
    This chappy is really taking the piss at his expence of his job. Now who would really like to employ him? Licking a chicken? What if he took a massive stinking dump in the meat freezer section.
  • Bono
    ASDA sucks, it's not even close to being a proper supermarket, the food is piling on the shelves as if it was there for animals. The quality of food - sucks. The jobs are underpaid and booring. People who work in the managment positions are college dropeouts and have really poor comunication skills or/and no common sense. Thanks god, I never worked in ASDA :D God safe kids in Africa!
  • Pete
    I think he should have his own Youtube channel - when we have consumer problems we can send him in to sort things out for THEM - vengeance consumerism, it could be something for the future maybe :o)
  • another p.
    Glad he got gripped, just how is any of this funny, diverting te fire service, nice more of our taxes wasted - C)CK - and what is wrong with ASDA or working there, id love to know honestly what the tools on here who posted those derogatory comments truly did for a living, that puts them above everyone else, to be honest I am at that stage of of life where I fancy giving up the BS corp life and go help people find XYZ on aisle what ever, Im 38 and at a point in life you sad little critical F'tards wont reach for until your in your 60s, let alone if you can even afford your own home, grow up you silly little children. I truly hope some one damages the property of the idiot who thought this was good,
  • Gareth
    What a proper knobjockey. It's knobheads like him who end up tooling themselves up and shooting innoncent people.
  • adsa r.
    peace to teens or wtf this world is about btw im white not black but that wont matter i never worked at asda i would never go there
  • gardiner

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