Santander: Already annoying British savers

They may be pretty new to the British high street, but Santander have wasted no time at all in winding everyone up. A series of schoolboy errors and bad service has left people trying to stab themselves to death with those pens-on-chains. Of course, Santander took over Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley…

The Black Horse will trample your complaints under its iron hoof

Are you a Lloyds TSB Black Horse Finance customer who has found reason to complain to the company at some point in the past? You are? Didn't go well did it? We know that for a fact now, because it's been shown that their the Horse is the top dog when it comes to wrongly…


10 Ways To Piss Off Your Bank

10 Ways To Piss Off Your Bank

Now that they've f***ed everything up and are having to accept billions of pounds of taxpayers' cash to cover their arses, there surely isn't anyone else on the high street that boils the blood of its customers quite so much as your 'friendly' bank. But we don't have to take it any more – here's…