Yum! Slurp! We're reheating our cold tea to save cash!

tea_cup_small Tired of being skint all the time? Stop throwing away your cold tea then. That’s the advice of Wrap, the government-funded waste watchdog, who reckon that reheating the 3.5 billion cold cups of char that get hurled down the drain each year could save the nation a ginormous £110 million.

Wrap have given us all a rap on the wrists with their metaphorical metal ruler following the release of their latest statistics highlighting the amount of waste grub and glug that we needlessly chuck away.

By adding discarded drinks to their criteria for wasted nosh, Wrap have concluded that in 2007, £12 billion worth of food and drink was pointlessly ditched. That’s £480 per household, and 15% of the average annual food bill. Staggering, almost enough to make you spit your tea out in disgust.

Bitterwallet says - don’t even go to the lengths of swallowing your tea. Swill it around in your mouth and then spit it back into the cup. Then, simply reheat it once it has gone cold. A cup of tea should last you about a month and you’ll save oodles of cash.


  • Me
    Reheated tea is surprisingly nice.
  • Gunn
    Could you not throw it on your garden instead? does that do any good
  • Jack T.
    Why not drink it cold and save even more by not wasting more energy? Stick some whisky/vodka/special brew/plugged in iPhone in it if you want it to warm you up.
  • BiggerDave
    Cold or Iced Tea is better for you for a number of reasons... mostly all to do with the metabolism, exceptions include when spilt over your genitals!!
  • Nobby
    I'd rather have iced tea than steaming hot tea on my bollocks .
  • Rt S.
    "Swill it around in your mouth and then spit it into the cup." Now where did I hear those words spoken? Ah yes! The good old fagging days of my youth at Eton.
  • Brian
    # Posted by Rt Hon Cedric Smythe-Featherstonehaugh | November 10th, 2009 at 2:02 pm "The good old fagging days of my youth at Eton." Hi, my name is Brian. You had a sneaky fag around the back?
  • brian b.
    if you drink it they will just start a rant about how much urine we waste
  • Frances H.
    I used to throw my cold tea into my pot plants cos i thought they'd like it but the milk makes them smell cheesy pretty quick! Not recommended!

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