You shouldn't buy it, and here's a flowchart to prove it

Even when times are financially tight, logic isn't always invited along to our spending decisions. Some we make on impulse, but even longer term investments are made on what we want, rather than need. We'll happily piss thousands of pounds up the wall if it'll make us feel better.

What you weak-willed individuals need, obviously, is a flowchart. Discovering she was likely to drown in a hot oily vat of financial decisions while building a house, April Dykman had a word with herself before emptying her bank account. She created the chart below to ensure the right products were brought to meet the end goal, rather than satisfy whims and wants before she reached it:

Bitterwalley - financial spending flowchart - should you buy it? Eh?
Says April:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in credit card debt, it’s that the seemingly small things accumulate quickly. The only way to combat this is to be conscious of what we buy — and why we are buying it.

Fair point, well made. Hopefully the last year has taught must of us to knuckle down when it comes to finances - sometimes we need a Gibbs-style smack about the head to remind us of that.

[Get Rich Slowly] via [Consumerist]


  • MrRobin
    There should be a few steps inbetween 'something I need' and the next step saying "Are you sure?" -> "Are you sure you're sure" -> "What would your other half say?"
  • Tosspot
    Now is that 'Dick Man', or 'Dyke Man'. Either way, she must have had a REAL tough time at school!
  • Male c.
    Perhaps if there was a step just after start "should i be really making any sort of financial decisions without the supervision of my husband" only one option "no" Go back to either the kitchen or bedroom you silly woman.
  • iphone h.
    Yes and another step: "Is it an iphone?" and only one option " Stop being such an egotistical crowd follower who's prepared to pay through the arse for utter tripe and get another phone"
  • J.H.Christ
    @iphone hater. There's an app for that...
  • zeddy
    You forgot the branch after "Is it something I need or lack?" The 'no' branch needs an insert "has someone posted it on HotUKDeals at 5p less than the RRP?"--------'Yes'--------"Buy the fucker!"

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