You should have pressed the ‘no dead mouse’ button….

Continuing on with our popular ‘Animals in ATMs’ series that began a few weeks ago with the snake that attempted to make its escape out of a Spanish cash machine, we bring you the slightly more tragic tale of a dead mouse emerging from a Swedish ATM. Witness the sadness…


That’s Gholam Hafezi. All he wanted was 700 Swedish Kronor to spend on aftershave and loafers (probably) and a receipt for his personal records, but what he got instead of the receipt was an expired rodent, tail first out of the cash slot.

Gholam then got some help from a member of staff in the shop that was hosting the rogue cash machine. He says: “He took out the mouse. His head was intact although a little bit bloody.” (we think he’s referring to the mouse there).

“Then I got my receipt.”


  • Zleet
    So in the bartering system we will all be using in a few years when the economy finally collapses will be based on dead mice?
  • Haggis
    And the cat will be king. I knew this whole financial crisis was a feline conspiracy.
  • Mike H.
    I got my Cock stuck in a cash machine once. I had to get another £10 out to release the fucking thing.
  • peter p.
    and don't forget, you can pay money in too. that guy in american psycho pushed a cat in the cash machine! miaow! phil collins anyone?

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