Yes, Barclays' online banking service is knackered

18 November 2013

Barclays-PA If you're a Barclays' customer who has been trying to do some online banking, you'll know that their service seems to be down. Customers are unable to access their accounts and the mobile app isn't working either.

The site has been showing a message that says: "5 - Sorry - Barclays Online Banking is currently unavailable." If you hit 'next', you get an error message.

The site is showing that disruption is widespread too.

Of course, Barclays customers are taking to the internet to get angry about it, and as yet, there's no word from Barclays themselves from their main account. The UK wing apologised yesterday for some app disruption, but it appears it has all gone awry again.

Looks like customers will have to wait 'til the morning for an answer or apology. Until then, Barclays customers are advised to complain direct to the company themselves, rather than complaining so everyone else can see it (that only ensures that people will think you deserve your financial predicament).

We'll follow this up when we hear more.


  • Rebecca
    Really grateful that you have published this. Why has it taken you to notify people! I kept thinking it was just me! I did not actually receive an error message - it just kept saying that it was my Server connection. Anyway, thank you for your assistance - I will just have to wait until tomorrow!
  • Barclaysman
    Barclays online banking is quite often down at night, pretty much every Saturday night/Sunday morning I see you posted this at 9:48pm which is earlier than usual but it's really nothing shocking, I use online banking several times a day and this time of night I quite often get the "Barclays Online Banking is currently unavailable" message
  • hotmail r.
    Well that's a crap service Barclaysman. Normal banks have a small amount of downtime in the wee hours sometimes but to expect that you can't bank at night and accepting it shows you up, not the bank. Move to another provider!
  • Bruce m.
    Barclays Bank message 5 I see many references to error 5 but I can't find any fixes, what can I do other than move my account to another bank.

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