Wonga won't be facing criminal investigation for sending fake legal letters

5 February 2015

wonga ladies Remember when Wonga sent out a load of fake legal letters to frighten their own customers for money? Well, they won't be facing a criminal probe, because the City of London Police said that, after giving the whole thing a 'thorough review', they decided that 'there is not sufficient evidence to progress a criminal investigation'.

The letters themselves, which you can see online and presumably in someone's hand with them pointing at it and saying 'this is one of the fake legal letters I got' isn't evidence enough.

Wonga paid out £2.6 million in compensation for the letters from non-existent firms and the City of London Police weighed-up whether or not the payday loan company should face a criminal investigation, especially given that Wonga had added charges to some customers' accounts to cover admin fees, y'know, for the law firms. The law firms that didn't exist.

So, while Chainey, D’Amato & Shannon and Barker and Lowe Legal Recoveries were fictitious, the FCA said that they couldn't hand out a fine to Wonga because all this happened under a previous regulatory regime, and they can't dole out retrospective penalties.

And the police have decided that this sort of thing is best dealt with by regulators, even though we've just established that they can't do anything about it.

Compensation aside, that's it. The case is closed.


  • Al
    Funny that. A prosecution would have led to the same for some very large companies ie. banks. And a certain party in government certainly wouldn't want to upset all their friends in the City considering they need them to be onside in a few months. Cynic, me?
  • Mike H.
    And the chavs win again.
  • Father J.
    Wonga = Scum.

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