Women are losing out on pensions

Aside from earning less money than men, there’s a pension gender gap, too. A study has revealed that one in 3 women haven’t put any money into a pension, and the ones that have are putting aside £1000 a year less than men.
old lady money Career breaks and going part-time after having children are often to blame for this shortfall, giving women no real option to save for a pension. Also, generations of women have never been offered a pension by their employers. The women who do pay into a personal pension scheme are putting aside an average of £182 a month, compared to a £260 contribution from men.

Pensions adviser Malcolm McLean, from Barnett Waddingham said: ‘The situation where women are in some way treated almost as second-class citizens belongs in the past and certainly should not exist in the 21st century. Greater equality in pension provision is an important part of the change that we need to achieve as soon as possible.’

So basically, women are being punished for their gender and ability to have children with poverty in old age. And we'll all have to work until we're 70. GREAT! Anyone want to swap their knob for a pair of ovaries (used)?


  • Han S.
    Weren't complaining when you used to retire 5 years earlier than men though were you?
  • tom
    But hang on, yes women were getting paid less, this has been sorted out (kinda) but that won't affect the women claiming or getting to pension age, as they will have been paid less. That's like saying million of black people have not been paid enough as they were slaves.
  • Dosser
    Perhaps they can divorce their long-suffering husbands and claim half of their pension. You know, the one they never paid a penny into.
  • jokester2
    How are women being "punished" in any way, shape or form? It is their choice to take maturity leave (like it's a man's choice to take paternity leave) - and its also their choice which parent (if either) goes part-time or stops working once the child arrives. If you have 2 women in identical circumstances except one goes part time to look after the child and the other stays working full time.... why the hell should the part time one be given even more free money to sit at home looking after the kid?
  • LL J.
    Pfft. Women spend the vast majority of money, it doesn't matter who has earnt it. Any efforts to pay them more directly will just tip the balance further in their favour.
  • O V.
    But at least they spend their money on make-up and stuff, and it sure makes them look pretty.

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