Will a black box make your car insurance cheaper?

car crash We've spoken about black boxes (or telematic devices) and car insurance before, but they're becoming more popular and helping to bring down the cost of drivers' insurance policies. According to some research, the number of these devices has risen by 40% over the last year.

According to the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA), there's now almost 455,000 live policies on the go, and some younger drivers are saving over £1,000 by utilising policies that use black box recorders.

These gadgets, if you aren't aware, record the speed you drive at, the time of a journey, your braking and acceleration, and cornering and the like. Basically, how you drive can be recorded and analysed, and if you're deemed to be a safe driver, you'll get a bigger discount.

Of course, some see these has been hugely problematic when it comes to your personal privacy, as it is basically recording where you go, but if that's something that doesn't concern you, then there's savings to be made.

Graeme Trudgill, executive director at BIBA said: "We are delighted to see these figures increasing. Telematics is becoming the motor insurance solution of choice among young drivers as they can take control of their own premiums by electing to have their driving behaviour monitored."

"Industry statistics show there is a 40% drop in crash risk when a new driver has a telematics policy. Telematics equipment also helps reduce theft claims, many doubling as vehicle tracker devices."

Over at uSwitch, you can look at car insurance deals that are coupled with black box devices, so if you are looking for cheaper car insurance, this is a decent enough place to start. Have a look here.

You do need to look at the small print and ask some questions of any potential telematics insurance policy. Some companies will impose night-time or early hours curfews, which means that their could be arbitrary fines if you break the curfews. If you're working nights, this could be a real problem. Some also have restrictions on the number of miles you can drive at certain times of the day, like rush hour traffic or the type of road you're using. These are things you need to seriously consider, if you're looking into this type of insurance policy.

Ask questions about fines and penalties before signing anything. Check to see if there's a hidden cost on getting a black box installed or removed from your car also. This could be a great fit for some, but for others, it could prove more expensive than the insurance deal you already have. Check the small print, speak to an adviser at the insurance company you're dealing with, and don't be afraid to ask questions.


  • donaldo
    Will it Fuck, they just want to spy on us the kernts
  • Albi
    "Industry statistics show there is a 40% drop in crash risk" Which equates to about 5% off your policy. Funny that
  • squiffy
    Thin end of the wedge. Once they have forced everyone to have them, and everyone is a perfect driver there should be no need for insurance. Oh wait, that won't happen, because the insurance companies will still sting us another way. Perhaps charge us on the number of calories you consume or the number of alcohol units you drink, we'll be all eating and drinking through counters, with gps trackers so we don't invalidate our insurance, can't wait!
  • Germaine G.
    Black box? ...ride on time, ri, ri, ride on time etc (you had to be there, ..the 80's & early 90's that is) ..I missed much of it as I spent too much time in the pub, ...in a salted peanut induced coma (obviously)

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