Who would you like to see on the new £20 note?

£20 note The public - aka 'you reprobates' - are going to be asked to choose someone to be the face of the new £20 note. Sadly, we're not going to get rid of the Queen, but rather, whichever pin-making pillock currently resides on the reverse.

Sadly, you can't just choose anyone you like, so don't think we'll all be able to get together and rig the result and end up with Bananaman or Sam Allardyce on the back - The Bank of England has launched a consultation to nominate a painter, sculptor, photographer or fashion designer who has made a great contribution to British society to appear on the money.

Want in? Well, nominations should be made over at the Bank's website and you've got until 19th July to do it and the new note will come into circulation for three to five years, just in case everyone chooses someone rubbish.

Nominations can only be made for dead people, so don't think about choosing anyone alive.

At the launch of the nomination thingy, governor Mark Carney said: "There are a wealth of individuals within the field of visual arts whose work shaped British thought, innovation, leadership, values and society and who continue to inspire people today."

"I greatly look forward to hearing from the public who they would like to celebrate."

So who would we like to see? Well, for starters, we'd like to see Alfred Hitchcock in silhouette form, possibly surrounded by a load of evil crows. In fact, we refuse to think of any other people. That's clearly the best answer.

What do you think?

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