Whiplash costing drivers £93

CarCrash Whiplash is great isn't it? No matter what car accident you've had, all you have to do is rub your neck and wince a bit, and you're away!

Of course, we're being sarcastic and whiplash claims have, according to a report from one insurer, hit record levels.

The result of all this is that on average, motorists are getting £93 added to their motor insurance premium. So, thanks to people with no neck ache, everyone else is paying for it. Nothing new, but galling all the same.

So what's brought these new levels about? Well, once again, we can thank the no-win no-fee law firms who have been drumming up business on daytime TV and doing very well for themselves.

Aviva reckons that, despite the best efforts of the government  to sort out compensation culture and lower motor insurance costs, more needs to be done if there's going to be any reduction in whiplash claims. According to their figures, whiplash is costing drivers as a whole, £2.5bn a year. Their research also showed that the UK is on course to bring in advance of 840,000 motor injury claims to the Claims Portal, which allows insurers to submit claims, for the year ending April 2015.

Last year, 80% of motor injury claims included whiplash. Compare that to France where it only makes up 3% of injury claims, and you can see that something's awry.


  • John K.
    It's probably because insurance companies sell your details to the claims companies who ring you every day trying to persuade you to make a claim.
  • Albi
    Ban whiplash claims through car insurance full stop. If you want to protect yourself, buy your own critical illness cover and claim through that.
  • Steve j.
    I had a claim made against me, no damage to either vehicle and my dashcam showed that none of the 3 occupants were wearing seat belts at the time. Insurance were more concerned with a nice open and shut case.
  • Howdareyoublockmycomments
    An obvious attempt by insurers (who are leeches, let's face it) to demonise victims of RTAs. Education in safe driving and safer cars are the keys to unlock the problem, not laying blame on lawyers.

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