Which! tells us to save money in 2014

31 December 2013

If your overdraft looks like the phone number for a laundrette in Taipei, never fear – Which! is here to tell you how to save money in 2014. Thanks, Which! Nothing like a bit of ambition is there?


Which! say that if inflation continues to outstrip wage growth, then the cost of living is going to get even higher in the coming year. So what should we do? Well, instead of bringing down the government and looting Argos, we have to retreat into our burrows to scrimp and save.

Which! suggests a variety of uniquely depressing austerity measures from insulating your loft to installing a water meter.

And that’s not all. Which! reader Audrey Perry splits her weekly shop into blocks of £35 so she can get more vouchers – apparently you can save around £230 a year by doing this. Other sneaky money saving moves include haunting Vouchercodes.co.uk for online purchases, car pooling, using cash back websites and haggling. One reader managed to save £200 by asking two holiday companies to compete for his custom.

So how will you save money this year? Sell your kidneys on ebay? Collect mouldy bread crusts from the back of the cooker and fashion them into a loaf? Or shall we get to the source of the problem by marching on Parliament with a giant voodoo doll of George Osborne and a rocket launcher?

What do you think?

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