We’re missing out on supermarket offers because there are too many signs

When entering a supermarket, the average shopper’s brain is already overloaded with remembering to buy bread, milk and sausages. And it seems that our eyes simply can’t cope with the amount of special offers and ‘WOW! [email protected]@@K!’ signage.

Daft deal on sausage rolls

Instead, according to a study by behavioural analysts SBXL, we go into robot mode and just automatically buy anything we see, resulting in customers actually MISSING out on bargains. Oh the irony.

It’s got to the point where customers are becoming immune to BOGOF deals, buying only what they have on their list (or the nebulous, ever changing list in their heads). And it seems that our subconscious responds to the presentation of the promotion, rather than the actual offer.

‘Our brains just cannot cope with the number of decisions we have to make in a store. We will see a different offer every three-quarters of a second in a supermarket.’ Said Phillip Adcock, managing director of SBXL. ‘If you are faced with 85 different types of lager in an aisle, the brain just automatically tries to slim that down to a smaller number.’

Ooh, 85 different types of lager. Sorry. What were you saying?


  • shiftynifty
    I would imagine that the average british consumer has sussed that the bogof deals are shit...and the special offers are meh...plus the economy outlook not being rosy...kinda simple reasoning..
  • Idi A.
    @ shiftynifty Have you gone off Lucy then? She'll be gutted.
  • shiftynifty
    Yeah Idi...she give the game away with her glib remark of Ooh, 85 different types of lager. Sorry. What were you saying?...seems a bit of pisshead....I think she is a chubba

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