Weird guy reckons mineral water is cheaper than tap

You might remember Lee Beaumont. He was the guy who turned his phone into a premium rate number to make money off cold callers. Well, he’s at it again. This time he’s discovered that using bottled mineral water for your daily ablutions can actually work out cheaper than tap water.


Mr Beaumont, who lives in stubborn survivalist frugality in Leeds without a gas supply or plates (he uses disposable tableware to save on the washing up) discovered that he was only using one unit of water a month. That unit cost £3, but service charges from the water company were £14 on top of that. So instead, he buys £14 of mineral water a month, saving £3.

To save even more, he showers at the gym or at friends’ houses, and flushes the toilet with the water in his dog’s bowl. He’s even been told by his dentist that his teeth are better since he started brushing them with spring water.

‘With gas, electricity, water and pretty much all household bills increasing month on month, I’ve decided to cut down and go to drastic measures to save vast amounts of money.’ He said.

Hmm. Consumer champion, or strange guy that smells funny and has his dinner on a paper plate? You decide…


  • Alan
    He showers at friends houses thereby increasing their water bills? How does that work if we all did it?
  • Alexis
    Life's too short.
  • Grammar N.
    (1) He clearly does not work out at the gym. (2) He clearly does not have a girlfriend. (3) Will someone please think of that poor dog having it's water taken away like that. (4) "vast amounts of money"? I don't think so. (5) He was making money "from" cold callers, not "off" them.
  • Tim
    Aside from the fact that he will still have to pay most of that £14 service charge. Even with no consumption, he's still got to pay drainage.
  • jim
    The government should commission him to write a book on how he lives and distribute it to people who have been on the dole more than year along with a big benefit cut used to fund tax relief for workers on the breadline.
  • samuri
    news just in: he just bought a diesel generator and is feeding it used crisp & dry
  • Harold
    How much does the gym charge him?
  • Harold
    knob? Yeah wouldn't want to think of that. Eugh.
  • Alex
    I suggest he gets a flatmate. Charges them £250 per month, then he does not need to save £130 a month living with no heat and power and water, and he gets a new friend! I showered at the gym for nearly 2 months when we did up our bathroom as it took me forever. That was fine, but no way would I not have a flushing toilet, heating or running water if I had a choice.
  • Lee B.
    Willing foxy, (Vulpes vulpes) sexual partners are far cheaper than a human girlfriend, & the ensuing bout of crotch mange isn't as bad as when with some of the down & out crack whores i've frotted with either! (always wear jogging bottoms to run away afterwards having not paid, naturally). fox bumming rules #winning
  • Adam
    @GrammarNazi - its water.....
  • cheap s.
    But all high heel wearing women live in constant peril

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