Want a refund from your bank? Sue them.

A man, defending himself, tomorrow
Banks are bastards aren't they? In almost every respect they are unrelenting shithouses gurgling out endless garbage which provides the very opposite service you signed up for initially. Instead of helping you to invest your money, they'd much rather take it from you... unless you're a smart-arse who can translate Bankspeak.

One chap who is obviously good at that is an expert called Ross Anderson who is a professor in security engineering at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

Anderson has appeared as an expert witness for plaintiffs in "phantom withdrawal" cases, and now, has represented himself over a disputed £126.51 transaction last June.

In short, the story goes like this: In his joint account, he disputed a payment to “Ian Travel Services”. NatWest were less than helpful and asked Anderson to sign declarations and junk, stalling for a month until the 'complaint was now out of time', leaving our man to pursue the financial ombudsman and citizens' advice. He didn't have any confidence in either of these options so decided to commence proceedings against NatWest in the small claims court.

As soon as he did that, NatWest paid up without too much fuss.

"So now you know – suing the bank is the fastest, simplest and least-hassle way of getting your money back," Anderson wrote on his blog. "If it can fob off most complainants with tiresome call-centre procedures, or tell them they’re out of time, or pass them off on Citizen’s Advice, then it will only have to refund the minority who ignore this flummery and go to court."

Basically, if you want the bank to pay-up for something that you know isn't your fault, then don't tart around waiting for them to suddenly grow a heart or feelings - talk to them in the only language they understand. And what might that be? Being an unreasonable shit.

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  • zacspeed
    Banks really are cunts, aren't they?
  • stinkbomb
    Yes zacspeed, yes they are.
  • Nobby
    I like banks. On a saturday morning, I can spend hours at a cashpoint printing mini-statments and withdrawing cash, £10 at a time, then queueing up to pay it into my account. Hours of fun, and it doesn't cost anything.

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