Want a free Dr Pepper's? Go mug an O2 phone holder.

coopThose marketeers are clever chaps aren't they. And the crafty folks at O2 Media have now signed up The Co-operative Group has to its You are Here location-based marketing service . Intrigued? Read on my pretties.

Between 4 May and 11 June, O2 customers within 0.5 miles of a Co-operative Food store will become unwary guinea pigs in a new mobile proximity marketing experiment. The hapless creatures will receive a text message offering them a free 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper. However, you must be careful to only mug O2 phone holders who are part of O2 More, but that shouldn't be too hard as there are 2 million More members.

The official press release informs us that users do not have to log in to get an offer, simply whenever a target crosses a 'geo-fence' they automatically receive a SMS or MMS with the offer. They then simply show the message at the till in the nearest store to redeem the deal. The press release also invents the idiotic phrase "handset agnostic"  which apparently means any customer can benefit from the offer regardless of whether or not they have a smartphone. Backwards compatible with the humble text message you see.

Shaun Gregory, Managing Director of O2 Media said "It’s a whole new ball game for marketers as they start to realise that they can talk to customers when they are moments away from their stores. It’s not just about effectiveness and ROI, it’s also about the fact that brands need to be more relevant in such a cluttered world... It’s changing the game.” Clearly not a man blessed with an extensive repertoire of metaphor.

So what's next? Free bets when passing the bookies? Free pints when passing the local? Why not try walking past the local massage parlour...


  • The B.
    Eh? Are they going to triangulate your position using masts? How will they know if you're within the "geo fence"? I can only assume they've tagged certain masts and if you're within range of one then you get a text, hardly sophisticated stuff is it?
  • M4RKM
    I'm sat 0.4 miles away from a co-op store. I'm pleased to let everyone know, I've not got any spammy messages. It might be because I opted out of o2More and their stupid text messages offering me tickets to see Lady GaGa though... hmmm..
  • Eric
    I am about 200 metres from a Co-Op store and I too have not received any messages from them.
  • dvdj
    That's twice now the "local massage parlour" has been mentioned in as many articles by two different writers! Do you have Bitterwallet team bonding sessions there? Do you invite the yummy mummies over at PlayPennies? I can't imagine the staff at Dealspawn would know what to do... Where's my invite?
  • callum
    Eh? Are they going to triangulate your position using masts? How will they know if you’re within the “geo fence”? I can only assume they’ve tagged certain masts and if you’re within range of one then you get a text, hardly sophisticated stuff is it? It's really not that hard to do. If google maps can do it then I'm sure O2 themselves are more than capable.
  • Rich
    I got the txt, but Co-op didn't have a clue about the offer and made me look a right twat for trying to redeem it.....thanks O2 and Co-op.

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