Ulster Bank FINALLY announce how they're going to compensate everyone for being rubbish

ulster-bankAfter what seems like 5,000 years of waiting, Ulster Bank have finally got round to telling everyone what compensation they'll be getting after the RBS-wing basically ballsed-up everyone's accounts.

They're going to reimburse all of what it terms "reasonable out-of-pocket expenses" which resulted from the disruption which arose from a massive computer error.

For the inconvenience, customers will receive £20 if they visited the bank from 19 June - 18 July and made a transaction. Life changing money, eh? Others meanwhile are advised to contact their local branch to outline exactly how they've been troubled and they'll be invariably fobbed off. Of course, the whole of the RBS Group was affected, but Ulster Bank have by far taken the longest to actually resolve the issue. Some customers were still having problems TEN WEEKS after it all happened.

The bank said it would refund fees, charges and debit interest charged in error and correct any credit interest owed and this will kick in by the end of October. There's a lot of work to be done because roughly half of the bank's 1.1m customers felt the force of this boob.

Still, at least chief executive Jim Brown will be foregoing his bonus this year, not that it makes any difference to you and, most likely, very little difference to Jim Brown.

Brown said: "Once again, I apologise unreservedly to our customers and customers of other banks for the inconvenience this has caused and thank them for their patience as we worked to resolve this issue. We recognise that we have work to do to restore our customers' trust in us and we believe that this is the first step in that direction."

"We have worked with our key stakeholders to ensure the additional measures which we are taking provide a comprehensive response to customer concerns and demonstrate our commitment to making amends."

Customers seeking further information can go online, call into their local Ulster Bank branch or telephone 0800 231232. Or indeed, start banking with someone else.


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