UK companies must now show gender pay gap difference

uk-money.jpg The banks and bigger companies in Britain are going to have to reveal the difference in pay and bonuses that are issued to men and women who work for them. This is all part of a plan from the government, who want to tackle inequality, and close the gender pay gap.

And this will be enshrined in law, which means that anyone who has more than 250 employees on their books, will have to publish these figures, while the government will publish league tables to show the worst offenders.

The inclusion of bonuses ensures that businesses can’t discriminate "via the back door", according to a Government spokesperson.

There's also going to be renewed encouragement to get more young women to take maths and sciences at A level. With only 24% of girls taking "STEM" subjects, the government want to see a wider spread of sexes in engineering and other areas.

Women and Equalities Minister, Nicky Morgan, said the Government wanted to secure "real equality" for women: "In recent years we've seen the best employers make ground-breaking strides in tackling gender inequality. But the job won’t be complete until we see the talents of women and men recognised equally and fairly in every workplace."

"That’s why I am announcing measures to support women in their careers from the classroom to the boardroom."

We won't see any league tables of offending businesses until 2018, which gives the worst performing companies the chance to get things sorted before then. Of course, there's likely to be companies that are screwing men over in favour of women too, which means they'll be named and shamed too. Will their be penalties for these companies?

We'll see.


  • LL J.
    If only they put this much effort into investigating why although men earn a little more money, women manage to spend the vast majority of it.
  • Father J.
    How would you know??

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