TSB closing branches - is one yours?

217px-TSB_Bank_logo.svg TSB are closing 17 branches, even though not too long ago they were promising that they were all set to grow.

The bank are closing the branches where there's another one nearby and they say that this won't result in any job losses. Last year, TSB said they were opening up 30 new branches, which could still be happening, but for the moment, there's going to be less banks about.

Chief executive Paul Pester is looking forward for the company, but will have to deal with a proposed £1.7billion takeover by Spanish bank Sabadell.

TSB's profits are up by 153% to £34m in the first three months of the year, so it looks like TSB know what they're doing. However, dealing with the branch closures, which are all over the country, here's a list of the outlets in question:

Newcastle, 15 Ridley Place (nearest branch St Mary's Place, 162 Northumberland Street)
Leicester, 17 Granby Street (nearest branch Town Hall Square, 17 Horsefair Street)
Peterborough, 40 Long Causeway (nearest branch 30-31 Long Causeway)
Grimsby, 9-10 Old Market Road (nearest branch 41-43 Victoria Street)
Aberdeen, 148 Union Street, 226 Union Street (nearest branch 19 Union Street)
Glasgow, 85 St Vincent Street, 180 West George Street (nearest branch 52-60 St Vincent Street)
Enfield, 47-49 Church Street (nearest remaining branch 22-24 Church Street)
Chelmsford, 1 High Street (nearest branch 88-89 High Street)
Harrow on the Hill, 322 Station Road (nearest branch 53 St Ann's Road)
Carmarthen, Cheltenham House, 9 Darkgate (nearest branch 5 Blue Street)
Dundee, Reform Street (nearest branch 29 Meadowside)
Nottingham, 7 Beastmarket Hill (nearest branch 11 Low Pavement)
Swansea, 33 Craddock Street/29 The Kingsway (nearest branch 11 Union Street)
Swindon, 93 Commercial Road (nearest branch 31-33 The Parade)
Newport, Bridge Street (nearest branch 149-151 Commercial Street)


  • Ap
    Not too bad and makes sense there are 4 TSB's on union St in Aberdeen so closing 2 is not the end of the world!
  • Censorship a.
    Considering their incompetence, I am surprised they arent closing all of them, I spent 3 MONTHS trying to get them to open an account for my wife - they just kept losing the paperwork, or sending it to the wrong office, or destroying it by accident (had all three excuses given to me).

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