The Poor forking out £1,300 a year more in hidden extras


Are you poor? You are? Well that’s a shame, because as well as being at the bottom of the income pile, you’re also shelling out a small fortune MORE than the rest of us. Or at least that’s what Save The Children reckon – and they’ve never lied to us before.

They claim that it costs more to be poor for a whole variety of reasons in 2011 Britain. These include the fact that The Poor are more likely to use costlier pre-pay meters, buy items on high-interest hire purchase and pay more in insurance premiums as a result of living in high-crime areas.

Throw in the fact that around 700,000 members of The Poor don’t have bank accounts and have to pay as much as £12 to cash a cheque and it’s a wonder that the underclass haven’t completely died out altogether.

All in all, Save The Children believe that The Poor are forced to fork out almost £1,300 a year more than those of us who aren’t trapped in the horror of true skintiness. Which sees them spiralling into debt and borrowing from high-interest ‘doorstep lenders’. Big Society? Hmmmm...

The report was put together with the help of The Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, who is probably not a member of The Poor.



  • Me
    All of these charities releasing thses amazing studies make me laugh... they all have vested interests in what they tell us. The bullshit they spout also makes me laugh: "The Poor are more likely to use costlier pre-pay meters" = true because they are more likely not to have paid their bills and so aren't allowed credit on a normal meter. "buy items on high-interest hire purchase" because "The Poor" are more likely to be on benefits and expect to be able to buy 50" plasma tv's that they can't afford. "pay more in insurance premiums as a result of living in high-crime areas." again because people classed as poor are more likely to be benefit scrounging lay abouts robbing from each other, beating each other up and nicking each others cars. (Before anyone crys over this - I realise not all "poor" people are benefit scrounging scum or criminals etc, but unfortunately if you are "poor" then you get lumped in with those who are so please blame the people who define "poor" not me.
  • Me
    Forgot to say, how can 700,000 (or in fact anyone at all) not have a bank account in this age.... I thought (probably wrongly by the sounds of it) that even the dole and benefits were paid directly into bank account now... how do these people get benefits then?
  • Gunn
    I understand in terms of credit but that doesn't fully explain why you should pay more/get a discount for paying in different ways.
  • PokeHerPete
    @me A certain piece of shit I know who hasn't done a days work for 8 years and not actively looking picks up his benefits in cash from the post office. They make it so easy for those leeches. Theres nothing wrong with him, but when why should he look for a job? Our brilliant country gives him a free council flat. The best thing is if I ever see him out clubbing, he asks for me to buy a round. I highlight that he infact should be buying me a drink as its my money in his pocket.
  • Marky M.
    A former neighbour of mine was signed off work permanently because of a "back injury" yet still managed to carry on working as a brickie for cash. So I grassed him up. Don't bother lecturing me about working class solidarity; this fucker is stealing from me and you. The DSS did nothing.
  • The B.
    Wouldn't it be nice to be rich enough to not have to worry about this sort of thing and spout platitudes like "these poor people have it so rough", but frankly I agree with the above. You know what, if want a 50" plasma screen TV then get off your arse, get a job and save up, if your job is minimum wage then get some training and get a better one and work your way up, that's what people used to do. Oh, and try using some contraception some time, that way you won't have to fork out for multiple mouths to feed that you can't afford.
  • -]
    ITT: BWs usual middle-class wankers, offering platitudes about the "lazy dole scum" they know. ...and as usual, nobody with any sense pays them much attention. If only we could all be so ignorant...
  • Jame
    Also they are too poor to afford computers and internet so can't use hot uk deals!!!!
  • Me
    @ -] As the old saying goes "If the cap fits, wear it" If you aren't "lazy dole scum" then you have nothing on here to get upset about.... if you are then you deserve the comments above... whats the problem?
  • -]
    Sure thing, bruv. Like you say - if the cap fits, middle class wankers.
  • Me
    Is the phrase "middle class wankers" meant as in insult? Its not a very good one if it is. Oh and am I still classed as a wanker if I can afford a servant to do my wanking for me?
  • The B.
    Pretty sure I didn't offer platitudes about lazy dole scum, I just told them to get offer their arses, get a job and save up for a tv rather than buying it on a ridiculous rate interest card or loan, simple logic really but if it grates that much then feel free to dig yourself deeper into debt, just spare me the whining when you end up in hock to the eyeballs.
  • The B.
    If you get your servants to wank you then you're an upper class wanker.
  • -]
    Dig myself deeper into debt? I have no debt at all. Not a single debt, I'm fully paid up, cheers for the concern though. Point still stands.
  • Bob
    Surely if your mortgage is fully paid up then you're middle class thus you've invalidated your entire point? Unless of course your point was to insult yourself?

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