The pay gap is so huge we might as well not bother

In case you hadn’t noticed, yesterday was Fatcat Wednesday. If you didn’t notice, you were probably too busy picking up the nation’s litter or being a poorly paid lollipop lady. For the uninitiated, Fatcat Wednesday was the day when the richest people in the UK have already out-earned what most of us will earn in the whole of 2014.


Think about that for a minute.


Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that there is a pay gap wider than the gulf between Lee Ryan’s ears between the nation’s top earners and everybody else.

So, for example, Carolyn McCall, the boss of Easyjet, will earn £6,430,000 this year. If you’re a travel agent, you’ll earn around £18,000. Nursery workers, who look after rooms full of screaming, pooing children all day get £11,000, while David Cameron, who can’t wipe his own arse, gets £142,000.

Of course, if you’re Adele (£27m) or One Direction (£53m), you’re obviously going to make more money than that weird guy who empties the bins, but regular jobs are becoming lower and lower paid. Minimum wage earners gross around £13,000 a year, while most full time, 40 hour a week jobs advertised average at an extremely poor £16,640.

Let’s just forget it and go back to bed, eh?


  • Lando C.
    Lucy, if Mr Micawber keeps his expenditure down to £19 19s and 6d, he really won't care about people making more. Enough with the politics of envy.
  • Greatfryup
    Nice article but....... Are you confusing, as so many people do, 'earning' and 'being paid'. People who put their own lives at risk for the protection of others probably 'earn' more than they are 'paid' but it may just be that there are some people in jobs with grandiose titles who are 'paid' far more than they 'earn'.
  • Sarah
    I'm sure Mr Cameron *can* wipe his own arse. Are you the daughter of Billy Bragg or something? And if the boss of a privately-owned company is paid £6m, then, well that's down to the company. Jealous, much?
  • Tits M.
    Make min wage £10 an hour and people will still moan. We either need a way of creating more jobs by giving companies like mine incentives, like there are for apprentices (pretty good actually) wont happen as country broke , or people need to increase their skill set allowing them to aim for better jobs wont happen because they unable to due to urgency of earning, or because they lack the mental capacity, or there needs to be a reduction in the number of unskilled types, which wont happen while we're part of the EU.
  • Kevin
    Well if you think it's so easy then do those jobs yourself? Easy to apply to become an MP going by your comments. So why aren't you earning the big money? Are you thicker than shit? Well if Cameron can do it why can't you? Creating more jobs is important, but you're not going to be earning £100k+ as an apprentice are you. But so many people seem to think they are owed it.
  • Dave
    I think it's about time this blog just cuts the comment section away. The bitter human detritus doing their alpha-male struts and marking their territory honestly puts me off from visiting the site any more.
  • Han S.
    Wouldn't have said £142,000 is that much for a Prime Minister, you want someone who will do it for free?
  • The P.
    fuck off han solo you cunt
  • Han S.
    @Fake Ian Peters - Been bummed too much again?

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