The next £20 will be plastic

money The next £20 note that Britain gets will be printed on plastic. This will be the third note going to polymer, after the Bank of England had a 10-week public consultation which showed that 87% of those surveyed said they were in favour of this change. Or they said 'not really arsed'.

Either way, it is happening and should be in circulation by the close of the decade.

You'll remember that the £5 and £10 notes are already planned to go plastic, with the new fiver - starring Winston Churchill - being issued in Autumn 2016. The polymer £10 note will be in circulation some time in 2017.

Victoria Cleland, the Bank's chief cashier, said that this switch to plastic is going to help to reduce fraud and make banknotes much more durable.

She added: "Experience from central banks that have issued polymer banknotes has been positive. Canada, for example, has seen a real reduction in counterfeit levels since launching its polymer series a few years ago. Polymer is also cleaner and more durable, leading to better quality notes in circulation."

Will there be £50 polymer notes? We just don't know. So few us get £50 in our hands, there's a good chance we don't care, too.

The next big question is from Mark Carney, the Bank of England's governor, who wants to know who should be the next face of the £20 note. It should be a historical figure, who should "celebrate Britain’s achievements in the visual arts". We're hoping for Roy Race from Melchester Rovers or Max Headroom.


  • Russell b.
    So it will be similar to the new Scottish notes that are also plastic and the Irish ones that have been out for at least 7 years , god this country is so slow.
  • rappy
    Im not really arsed.
  • LD
    Oh dear! DO keep up down South ...."Clydesdale Bank brings in plastic £5 notes" 23 March 2015. And they actually have a window - around the Forth (Rail) bridge area on the note , as seen here And have become quite collectable - see the ebay prices.
  • oldgit
    For historical read 'dead'
  • Mike
    Wow, yeah... some of the plastic Clydesdale fivers are selling for as much as £6 on the fleabay.
  • Dick
    It's good as I keep wanking over the picture of the Queen on mine and they get destroyed after a few money shots.
  • Mark W.
    It can't be long before the mark of the beast.
  • FantayseeHaysee
    Australia has had them for yonks.
  • Pheel
    I used to work for a company that worked with Tyvek A material used in The Isle of man notes circa 1988

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