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Time to get bang up to date with the latest freebies that are out there and waiting to be snapped up, courtesy of HotUKDeals. They’re all FREE – so get after them!

FREE INTERNET SECURITY: Potentially available to you via your bank. More info over at HUKD...

FREE SKY MOVIES: For a whole weekend, following on from their Free Sky Sports weekend.

FREE PHOTO EDITOR: Fanny about with some pics on your computer. Comes recommended by scores of HUKD folk.

FREE MINI TRAINER KEYRING: Walk about with your keys hanging alongside a tiny shoe. If that’s what you’re into.

FREE CASH/MOBILE TOP-UPS/MUSIC: All you need to do is look at some ads on your mobile. However hard you concentrate on them is entirely up to you.

FREE PUPPY PACK: Last week we brought you a free starter pack for your kitten. The local dogs were outraged, so here’s a similar thing for them as well. Ruff!

(freebies found by HUKD members theonlytazman, dildil, pcal, dominicblazej, SupaSimmskil and birdyboyuk)

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  • Austen S.
    Hi, thanks for flagging all the freebie on HUKD. I thought you might be interested in where you can browse stuff that is being given for free and also post requests for stuff you want too, thanks.

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