The Cockney cash machine, if yer like sausage and mash

As spotted in Spitalfields - peas in the pot or a load of old Davina McCalls?

Bitterwallet - cockney cash machine

Bitterwallet - cockney cash machine 2

[@timesjoanna] via [TwitPic]


  • PokeHerPete
    I don't give a flying duck.
  • Kaibor
    I'm off to the battleship cruiser!
  • PaulH
    Antique Edwardian Tea Chest...Guest
  • Pedant
  • Nobby
    Should have had Bobby Moore for £20.
  • Superman
    WTF is dis real? No seriously, is this real?
  • Mark C.
    Presumably created specifically for the tourists, pretty much like rhyming slang in the first place.
  • The L.
    Hilarious! Mine just says 'Sling yer hook' when I put my card in.
  • tfeb
    I'm off for a Forest Gump
  • o'dreary
    looks like a load of jibberish yer james blunts
  • Willy-wonka
    Me old china's this is pony...
  • Alexis
    LOL. For my final year project in my graphics degree in 2004 I designed a cockney bank just like this. I should have copyrighted it!
  • evil r.
    in need of an ertha kitt
  • Whisky
    Awesome only just over a year late
  • lala
    fox and weasel = diesel
  • Armand T.
    I'm off to have a barclays

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