The Co-operative's Mister Kipling bait-and-switch

Cakes. We love them. Who doesn't? So you swing by the Co-operative for your cake fix, and you see a shelf full of Mr Kipling products with signs stating "BUY ANY 2 FOR £2" along its full length. Perhaps like avid Bitterwallet reader Jack, you'd assume that all the cakes above the signage were part of the offer. And of course, you'd be dead wrong:

Bitterwallet - Co-operative Mr Kipling offer

In fact Mr Kipling's French Fancies, one of the more expensive delicacies on display, weren't part of the deal. But as Jack points out: "It wasn't as if they'd put the French Fancies on the end of the shelf - staff had surrounded them with other products that were part the promotion."

The net result was that Jack paid more for the French Fancies alone, than he would have for any of the other two items in the promotion. "Unfortunately I only noticed the receipt after my wife had scoffed the two yellow French Fancies," adds Jack, "so I doubt they'll want them back now."


  • Ben
    Hmmmm. It's a slow day at BW headquarters, isn't it?
  • Food C.
    he can still take it back and get a refund claiming he was unsatisfied with the product. tried and tested.
  • Mr M.
    Serves you right for having a chubby little funster for a wife...
  • Liam
    They often do that at the Co-Op in Hale.
  • Nobby
    There is clearly a break in the signage where the french fancies are. One sign stops at the left edge, and the sign does not start again until the right edge. Plus they do not name the french fancies on the sign.
  • Paul
    I don't see the problem...there's a sign under each of the cakes included in the offer (there's 3 in that picture) - and I can see in this tiny photo the list of included items on said signage...French Fancies aren't on there!!
  • Charles
    To be fair to the Co-Op, the signs are really clear about what are in the offer as it lists each product by name. It's not difficult to work out that they are not in the offer.
  • piggy
    Learn to read, you dope!
  • Urgh
    This is by far the best thing I have ever read on the entire internet and is in no way a waste of time.
  • Brendan
    Without seeing the picture I was going to assume it was simply a mistake by a unmotivated shelfstacker on minimum wage and essentially a non-story. But no, it's just the case of a bloke not being able to read a (quite large) special offer sign so even more of a non-story. Is this really newsworthy BW? really?
  • kev
    adult illiteracy seems to be on the up & up
  • jk
    This article only highlights the stupidity of the consumer
  • Lyssie
    Should at least say "Buy Selected 2 for £2", but yeah - really?! Not terribly moral of them, but kinda not clever on his part...and this guy is a HUKDer?!
  • Colonel S.
    Disgraceful. The sign clearly should have read, French fancies £2.05 each or 2 for £4.10. Or 3 for £6.15.
  • RobS
    The message here is clear, don't tell the wife about your French Fancies
  • wombat
    @Nobby - might be a break in the signage but both signs ovelap the French fancies. But the signs are quite clear about what's on offer or not. Just take the product back and complain that the yellow ones tasted strangely of lemons...
  • Paul C.
    Fuck it. Next time just nick a pack. If you can see them Mr Magoo.
  • Marky M.
    @ Colonel Sanders How much for 4?
  • Boris
    Surely he can just go back in a ski mask with a shooter and demonstre his anger at the terrible deception. He could make a withdrawal from the post office while he's there too. I always think it's wonderful that lots of local CO-OPs have a nicle little post office saving you and extra journey. Kills two birds with one stone in a manner of speaking.
  • PaulH
    "you’d assume that all the cakes above the signage were part of the offer. And of course, you’d be dead wrong" Haw Haw
  • dunfyboy
    BREAKING NEWS!!! Idiot buys cakes!!!
  • Wibble
    Blind idiot buys cakes.
  • Colonel S.
    @ Mark £8.20.

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