The Co-op: still liked by what's left of its customers

Co-op It's not all been mostly really worrying and downright bad news for the Co-op of late, oh no.

The company have just been named at Ethical Consumer magazine's most ethical UK company, which is obviously meaningful in some way!

Turns out the readers who voted for it, opted to turn a blind eye to the whole recent business of massive mismanagement,  disastrous losses, rent boys, meth and general 'can do without that' type woes.

Ethical Consumer co-director Tim Hunt said this, ethically consumery: “Over the past 25 years the Co-op has been at the forefront of the ethical consumer movement,”

“From its supermarket, which was the first retailer to stock only Fairtrade bananas and ban products from the occupied Palestinian territories, to the pioneering ethical policy of its bank, the Co-operative Group has been a genuine ethical trailblazer.”

Also in the top 10 are cosmetics retailer Lush, ethical bank Triodos, and the renewable energy suppliers Good Energy and Ecotricity.

The group also reported a “disastrous” £2.5 billion loss for 2013, marking the firm’s worst performance in its 150-year history. However, the group has pledged to stay true to its ethical roots.

Mr Hunt added: “Ethical Consumer’s readers however are able to see through the spin and realise that despite the problems the Co-op remains an ethical business at heart – at least for the time being.”

At the other end of the poll, hoovering up all the 'least ethical' accolades, is Nestle, with Amazon, Shell, Tesco, Barclay, Exxon and Coca-cola joining them to all round boos and hisssing.

So there you have it - hugely successful businesses are ruthless and nasty, while some smaller ones are quite nice. Who would've ever known?!

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