Tesco cash machine gives out free money

Tesco haven't been very popular of late, so they must have wondered what was going on when they were swamped by people last night. Turns out that one of their cash machines was giving out free money!

The machine was doling out double the amount of money that was asked for, giving out £20 notes instead of £10 notes. It really is the dream.

free cash ATM

This ATM was in Manchester's student area of Fallowfield, so you can imagine - word got around quickly and everyone started rinsing it for everything it had. Just in time for Christmas as well. The kids will be on the balloons this weekend.

The whole thing lasted for around an hour.

Tesco Bank are looking into the whole thing to see what the damage is and who they can blame. However, looks like they'll have to take this one on the chin and accept the loss as an error. They'll ask customers who used the cash machine for the money back, but you suspect that every single one of them will laugh in Tesco's face.



  • Chris
    Could be done for theft: knowingly taking the (extra) money & not returning it. People have been jailed for it - but only precedent I can find is when a small number of people have stolen £lots. www.independent.co.uk/money/spend-save/simon-read-if-a-cash-machine-pays-out-too-much-money-are-you-just-a-common-criminal-if-you-take-it-9068454.html
  • warwick h.
    check your change as mistakes cannot be rectified - works both ways.

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