Surprise as people confess to still hating banks

banksAsk an obvious question and you'll get an obvious answer. And that's exactly what Which!!! have done, asking people if they like banks. And the answer is an insultingly obvious 'no'. Furthermore, the public added that they still use banks and are reluctant to change.

Earth-shattering stuff.

Which?!?!?! combined four surveys, asking how satisfied everyone is with their current account, savings account, credit card and mortgage provider and whether or not they would recommend their bank to a friend.

Bottom of the pile were Santander and Halifax with First Direct topping the satisfaction list, closely followed by Smile and the Co-operative Bank. All the major high street banks ranked below-average.

NatWest, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Northern Rock, RBS, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Santander made up the bottom eight, despite having nearly three-quarters of all accounts in the UK.

Richard Lloyd, Which!^!{?! executive director said: "Consumers are constantly being let down when it comes to customer service. This is not good enough; we want to see fundamental changes in the culture of banking and a return to banking for customers, not bankers."

"Our survey shows that those banks that go the extra mile to keep their customers happy are rated far higher than banks who may offer slightly better products or interest rates. All banks need to start putting customers first."

Next week: Banks still aresholes doing exactly the same as they were before this survey.


  • Marky M.
    Aresholes? Don't you mean aerosols?
  • Dick
    I'd recommend Halifax. Their rewards accounts are great. Every month I transfer £1000 into my Halifax current account from FirstDirect, then move it to Reward Acc 1, onto Reward Acc 2, then Reward Acc 3, then back to my Halifax current account, then back to my First Direct account. The whole thing takes less than five minutes. I get £5 per Reward account. My wife does the same. That £30 a month for a few minutes work. Thank you Halifax.
  • Nikey H.
    Dick, you are a genius mate!!!
  • Be t.
    [...] oversight of maybe not undertaking that, and they come out owing much more than they loaned in the very first place. Always be certain that you recognize fully, anything more that you are [...]

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