Stay classy, Santander - bank takes a shine to Comic Sans

A few pop facts about Santander for you:

  • Banco Santander was founded in 1857, and is now the largest bank in Europe and one of the largest banks in the world
  • In 2009 the company's revenue was €39.38 billion with reported profits of €8.943 billion; Santander's total assets are in the order of €1,111 billion
  • The banking group nearly 170,000 employees worldwide

And perhaps the most astonishing fact of all:

  • They send emails to new customers in Comic Sans

Yes, one of the biggest banks on the planet insists on sending emails in the world's most hated font, the one most likely to make them look like hapless amateurs. So says avid Bitterwallet reader Andy, who received his email shortly after opening a new savings account:
Bitterwallet - Santander Comic Sans

Maybe it's some crazy Spanish humour I just don't get?

It's not even a weird quirk of the e-mail being rendered through GMail; the original e-mail source clearly states <FONT size="2" face="Comic Sans MS">

Those wacky Spaniards. You can't buy style, eh readers?


  • David
    At least they haven't gone bust like all the British ones. I bet they all used Times New Roman and looked down their noses. Not any more.
  • Ronnie
    they now own some of the bust british ones!
  • Lumoruk
    Looks like a scam email to me
  • Paul S.
    Apart from the fact he'd just opened a savings account with them, and the email contained the account details.
  • Maude
    They're using a variant called Comic Santander.
  • Paul
    Does it really matter what font they use?
  • Simon
    I saw an ale that used comic sans for its tap sign the other day at a beer festival, so of course I had to try it. Tasted awful :(
  • peep
    Perfect opportunity to post this wonderful Achewood strip about Comic Sans:
  • Interesting T.
    Has anyone else noticed that all BW readers are 'avid'? I would like to state, for the record, I am an entirely ambivalent reader of this site.
  • Maude
    Well the rest of us are avid. And yes, I am speaking for everyone.
  • David
    I was thinking about this as well. I'm not sure I'm avid at all. Sometimes I read it.
  • Maude
    I'm livid that you're not avid, David.
  • Avid
    Hello. My name is Avid.
  • aVID

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