Sports Direct promise £10m for staff below minimum wage

sportsdirect Boss of Sports Direct, Mike Ashley, has vowed to cough-up £10 million, in a bid to get everyone who works for him above the minimum wage.

The company had said that they were going to start treating their staff nicely, and this looks like part of that plan, after they were investigated by the Guardian, over the hours the staff we doing unpaid, after going through searches and surveillance.

MPs and unions were quick to criticise Sports Direct, and the company's share price tumble thanks to the volume of bad press, especially that regarding zero-hour contracts. As well as this pay rise (which seems to be coming into play just as the mandatory living wage increase is ushered in), Ashley has said he's going to oversee a review of all agency worker terms and conditions.

Ashley said in an interview: "I'm making a New Year’s resolution pledge to the Daily Mirror – and I'm deadly serious. I want to see Sports Direct become the best high street retail employer, after John Lewis. I realise this is ambitious and it won’t be easy, but I believe as a FTSE 100 or even 250 company we have a responsibility to set a high moral standard."

"We’re putting our money where our mouth is and have notified the City we will be spending £10m ensuring all employees are above the minimum wage."

A number of staff on zero-hour contracts are still in the middle of suing Sports Direct though, so they do have a long way to go before people look at them like John Lewis.

Either way, the staff affected by the pay rise will be getting an extra 15p an hour, which means those who are 21 and over will get £6.85 an hour, while 18 to 20 year olds will get £5.45 an hour.

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  • James D.
    A hollow gesture from Mike Hunt, sorry Mike Ashley. This amazingly coincides with Rangers agreeing to repay his loan. Tight git.

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