Spend money with your tongue as Google Glass and Wallet team up

google wallet Apparently, Google are looking at teaming up Glass and Wallet, so you can spend money on useless tat with little more than your gob and a couple of hand gestures.

Having looked at the comments on Bitterwallet, you lot seem rather prodigious when it comes to matter of mouth and hand-gestures, so this should be great for you if you're tired of the existing method of spending your dough.

Insider sources say that Google are already stuck into testing and that there could be a rollout of the service to those who already have a pair of Google Glass(es).

So what's the deal? Well, Google Wallet on Glass looks a lot like Wallet on other devices, with one novel twist - users will be able to say 'send money' and mobile payments will be made. If you can't afford Glass, you could poke the lenses out of some cheap glasses and make the same gestures and swipes while talking to yourself at the counter.

It amounts to the same thing really.

Google will be making money from the transactions. In America, they'll claim a 2.9% fee or 30 cents (whichever is highest, naturally) whenever it is used.

The company are tinkering with Wallet. At the tail-end of last year, Googlers were able to use Wallet to make payments from Gmail. Of course, Google haven't actually released Glass to the general public, aside from a short day-sale, so this is all by-the-by. However, by the time it comes out, enough apps and add-ons should've been tested, so when it finally hits the shelves, there'll be loads of stuff to do.

That's if anyone actually wants them.

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