Should you keep paying into your pension, post Brexit?

Keep paying into your pension?

A lot of people are very jumpy about the state of their pensions as the markets fluctuate after the EU Referendum vote.

Should you draw all your pension out and make sure you can look after your money? As the value of pensions slide, will they stay like that? Are low interest rates going to hang around? Will their be a recession?

These are huge questions for people approaching retirement.

Well, according to Tom McPhail, who is the head of retirement policy at fund broker Hargreaves Lansdown: "Brexit presents some immediate risks and uncertainty for our retirement income. But there are opportunities for long- term investors too."

The advice seems to be 'don't panic'.

McPhail says: "We are likely to experience a period of sustained volatility in the markets and uncertainty in the wider economy."

"In these conditions, acting in haste is unlikely to serve you well. If you are still years from retirement and making regular savings, then just keep going. Remember, falls in the market mean that you can buy investments in your pension fund at a lower price. In most cases, the best pension strategy is to keep calm and carry on."

Decent advice, but please for the love of all that is holy, can we kill any mention of 'keep calm and carry on' in 2016?

Your pension is affected by movements in the stock market regardless, so hanging on in there should be a wise move.

If you're worried about your pension being terrible value, remember that you can shop around and look for one that is better for you, and transfer it to that.

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