Shop to let: another big name falls by the wayside...

Spotted in Halifax by keen-eyed Bitterwallet addict 'Nigel'...


If the recession hadn't got them, the lawyers would have.


  • Chris
    Off Licensed?
  • Richard
    Phew! I thought this was a deathwatch on shopto. Would have been a great headline if it was for that. I'll let you keep it and use it of that does happen.
  • Jeebus
    Shame, would have been great to loot, look at all those windows - almost begging to be put through.
  • Tony
    Worrall-Thompson to blame no doubt, has the man no shame?
  • Mustapha S.
    Please remove item from bagging area.
  • Keen e.
    There's a "Tecco Express" round the corner from me. I find it much better than Sesco. I did e-mail a pic to bitterwallet, but it was ignored :-(
  • Mr. P.
    @Keen eye Yeah, Mof will be publishing it next week and claiming it's his own work.
  • Mike H.
    My local TOSSCO is pretty cheap, and still going.

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