Shock horror - banks are rubbish at handling complaints

monkey bank manager

When it comes to making a complaint to your bank, how do you feel you are treated? Do they sympathetically take your grievance on board or do you get the impression that they’ve got their fingers in their ears and are going ‘La la la la la la, we’re not listening’?

The Financial Services Authority seem to think it’s the latter. A new report from the FSA on how banks handle complaints is more or less in line with Bitterwallet’s official opinion on banks – that banks are twats.

The monetary watchdog has slagged off the banks at all levels, highlighting: “complaint handling procedures that led to staff issuing multiple, repetitive responses to customers, forcing them to restate their complaint a number of times in the face of ongoing negative responses from the bank".

The FSA have also announced that as a result of the damning report, five banks are changing the way they handle complaints (from ‘diabolically’ to ‘just a bit shit’?) and two others have been referred for further investigation.

You can read the full FSA report on the odious scum that is Britain’s banks here.


  • Gadget 4.
    The bank manager in the picture really shouldn't be smoking in his bank.
  • Sting
    That chimp is not really a bank manager
  • mark M.
    Banks throw shit at you and monkeys throw shit at you; a perfect picture to use
  • Andy B.
  • wonky h.
    I bum monkeys
  • FUCK E.
    Look you peasants. If you can't afford to bank with a real bank like Coutts, prepare to wait in line with the other losers who didn't get any GCSEs. This isn't some happy clappy communist utopia where everyone gets great service even though they're a worthless turd earning £25k a year.

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