Scotland gets Pudsey money

The people of Scotland will be able to get their hands on limited-edition notes featuring Pudsey Bear, which are being auctioned off in aid of BBC's Children In Need.

If you land one of these notes, you probably won't want to spend it on beer and cigs, as there's only going to be 50 printed in total. 40 of those will feature the serial code Pudsey01 through to Pudsey40, with the remaining 10 are going to have personalised serial numbers, according to the Bank of Scotland.

Look at the state.

pudsey money

Most of these notes will be auctioned in December by Spink's, who are well versed in selling banknotes and coins. That's what they do. They're really good at it.

We shouldn't mock it really. The design itself was created by Kayla Robson, who is a child from Dundee. She won a competition to design part of the note.

She said: "I am very excited to see my design on the new £5 note. Art has always been one of my favourite subjects but I never expected one of my drawings to end up on a banknote."

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  • OlPeculier
    Christ, it's hard enough using Scottish money to buy a pint as it is now, without these going into circulation! (which I know they won't, but it'd be fun trying...)

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