Save £275 by not buying these 10 useless things for your baby

Which! have polled some jaded parents with stains all over them and drawn up a list of items that prospective parents definitely DON’T need to buy for their baby.


And it’s not just designer silver dummies or £200 changing bags that top the list of pointless items for the new arrival. Stuff that shops will have you believe are vital accessories are mostly just crap, and will fester in a cupboard before being foisted on the nearest gullible parents-to-be up the road.

Which! asked around 2000 parents of children under 5 to provide a top ten of kiddie junk that is never used, and number one was the KIDDIE DOOR BOUNCER.

Yes, although you like the idea of your bundle of joy kicking up a storm, the reality is that they don’t fit on any door frame ever made, and babies totally f***** hate them.

Also high on the charts were fabric slings (only work if you’re an insufferable hippy), baby washing bowls (use the bath), manual breast pumps (sod that) and baby hammocks, which are dangerous and quite astonishingly pointless.

One thing you really will need, however, is Netflix and a neverending box of Stowells of Chelsea going into a vein.


  • God
    1/ We had the baby door bouncer and she loved it. 2/ Surely it is the noisy, expensive auto breast pumps that should be listed, as they are so loud they wake the baby up. We used (or rather the wife used), the manual pump for many months, so she could get some well earned rest - leaving me to feed the baby when she woke. Useless things I would add are :- 1/ Baby baskets - outgrown by the time you are ready to actually use them. Our daughter shared our bed until she was 4 months old. 2/ Expensive buggies - ours snapped in half on some steps!! 3/ J&J baby shampoo/ body wash - which is ANYTHING but gentle; we ended up using Lidl Tea Tree Oil shampoo and foaming facial wash. 4/ Health Visitors - in your face, talking bollocks and changing their advice every other day.
  • A. T.
    Formula feed?
  • the c.
    X-Box, they are just not interested in them.
  • JonB
    I second the vote for door bouncers being good. Our 3 kids all enjoyed it. Our first even bounced herself to sleep in it.
  • God
    @ A Tit. Our daughter is allergic to cows milk (not that the quack would accept that fact); and the only non dairy, non prescription formulas are Goat (allergic to), and Soya (not licensed in the UK for under 1's). In the end, after a lot of research, we gave her the Soya, and after a few weeks of "I aint touching THAT!!" from her, she eventually came to like it.

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