Santander customers charged 65p a minute after calling free hotline

Free hotline that charges 65pm

A number of customers with Santander have been hit with high charges on their telephone bills, thanks to a simple misdial.

The bank's freephone number is 0800 9 123 123, however, if you miss that number 9 out, you'll get a message telling you that the number is no longer in use.

In the message, you are told to dial 0900 123 123 123 so you can speak to a member of staff, and that you should save the number on your phone for future calls.

However, the number given is a premium rate number which will cost you 65p per minute.

Obviously, you should hang-up, and redial the freephone number, this time, correctly.

The fact is, if you're speaking to the bank and find yourself on the line for 15 minutes, you could end up getting charged a lot of money that you absolutely don't need to be spending.

This isn't Santander's fault, as such. The service is actually provided by a business called the Golden Number Company. They say: "Santander won't pay to rent our number and we can't make any money from it thanks to all the nuisance calls, so we introduced this charge on June 29."

Santander is looking at taking legal advice, in a bid to see what they can do to close the line down.

So remember. If you're calling Santander, get all of these numbers in:

0800 9 123 123

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  • markweatherill

    Hold on... 0800 123 123 is not a complete phone number. Dial it and see what happens.

    And surely anyone knows that 0900 numbers are premium rate...


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