Santander bringing their call centres back to the UK

santander_logo Ever since they arrived in the UK, Santander have been widely despised, mainly by their own customers. Now they’ve made a move that might appease some of them, by bringing their call centre operations out of India and back to Britain.

The bank has one of the worst complaint records in the banking industry and the remote nature of their call centres is supposedly the top gripe of their customers.

Santander have said that: “"This is what our customers have told us is the most important factor in terms of the satisfaction with the bank, and we have listened to them and decided to bring all of our retail call centres back from India.”

500 jobs will be created in the move, which begs the question ‘where can we find 500 recently-unemployed people who are good with phones?’




  • Grumpy
  • Haggis
    '500 jobs will be created in the move, which begs the question ‘where can we find 500 recently-unemployed people who are good with phones?’' HA! On a serious note what planet are people on if they believe an organisation of Santander's size provide adequate customer service for it's UK operations with only 500 call center operatives??
  • klingelton
    They might have some call centre operatives already...
  • Me
    500 Employees to run and operate a service centre seems ok based on having set up outsourced service operations in the past. A similar example is supporting 45,000 customers with approximately 120 Agents providing dual language support 24x7. Not sure on Santanders customer numbers but 500 Head count to run a UK only support centre seems more than adequate
  • Gunn
    They seem to have enough staff to spare the time to call me regularly to offer me stuff I don't need, no other bank has done that, its nice to a point, but they don't seem to actually remember that they've offered me something i've turned down before
  • Flashmoregash
    Derby! Egg/Barclays/Citi are making alot of staff redundant!
  • Steve
    "Thank you for calling Santander, this is Rebekah speaking, how may I assist you? Please be aware that calls may be monitored for the purpose of invading your privacy, especially when you're suffering from a personal crisis."
  • maxtweenie
    On the radio they said the three call centres will be based in Glasgow, Leicester and Liverpool. I won't be able to understand a word they say, so no change there then.
  • jimmysquare
    Be good sometimes to hear a well done......I see all the aggro they cause and although don't deal with them, think they do get a rough ride.... They are one of the few banks we haven't had to bail out, are creating jobs by bringing it back to the UK - which to be honest every man and dog asks for on other forums about the bank... Good on them i say....small steps to put things right!

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