Santander and Autotrader websites in online security scares

santander_logoAvid Bitterwallet reader Darren has been in touch with news of two major brands suffering online security scares in the past 48 hours.

Santander customers became suspicious of an online security procedure when code on the login page appeared to take over and post data back to a third party site. The issue was first reported on Stack Overflow and investigated by forum members.

Finextra noted that the login page "goes to a script at advanced web analytics [domain] which downloads another script, which seems to hijack the login part of the site."

Despite the assessment of these programmers, Santander has denied there was any attempt to breach security, telling Finextra that the issue was the result of a "technical failure" at a third party it uses for online banking systems.

Meanwhile, Autotrader posted on its blog yesterday to say its website "had been subject to a malicious third-party attack which has prevented normal operational services from being delivered."

Customers have found the site inaccessible or slow to load, but Autotrader believes no customer data has been lost as a result of the attack "and there are no known risks to consumers visiting the site during this time."

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  • PokeHerPete
    Looking at the comments Stack Overflow is full of petty twatty cunts - even more so than this site!

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