Sainsburys offering cheaper fuel with pop, ice cream and washing powder

sains_v02.jpg.display At the moment, the big thing for the supermarkets is to offer reduced prices on petrol and diesel to shoppers who spend big with them. It’s normally a few pence off the price of a litre if you spend a certain amount instore.

But now Sainsburys are upping the stakes a little bit, and giving you money off if you purchase certain products. From today, you’ll get a voucher for 5p off a litre if you buy any of the following...

One or more Coke/Diet Coke 24 x 330ml
• One or more Persil 2in1 powder, liquid or capsule
• Two or more Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 500ml

You’ll get a 5p off voucher for EACH of the items you buy, so you could be looking at a 15p per litre reduction in your petrol spend if you fork out for all three. But what of the sums?

Well, to qualify for the 15p per litre saving, you’ll need to fork out £22.80 (according to prices on Sainsbury’s site). With the average price of a litre of petrol being £135.71, that’ll bring it down to £120.71. Fill up an average-sized 50 litre tank at that price and it’ll cost you £60.35 instead of the full price £67.85.

So you’ll make a saving of £7.50 on your fuel, but will have forked out £22.80 on fizzy pop, ice cream and Persil. Worth it? You tell us.


  • Delenn
    Tesco have been doing this for 6 weeks or so. Currently, Robinson's cordial is one of the products that carry it.
  • Alexis
    Complete rip off. The cheapest is the Persil at £5.95. If you have a 50 litre tank, it would cost £65.00 to fill @ £1.30 a litre Reducing that by 5p would mean it would cost £62.50 So you have to spend £5.95 to get £2.50's worth of petrol. And you would have to outlay £68.45. Driving around with 50 litres instead of 10 litres would add an extra 30kg to the weight of the car. So you'd probably lose 0.5p a litre just to lug the excess petrol about. Walk away people.
  • SW
    Value in this depends entirely on if you need/want any of the three products as well as petrol. I don't buy the first two (would buy cheaper versions), and would only buy two Ben/Jerrys if I was clinically depressed.
  • Old N.
    As said, Tesco have done this for at least 6 weeks. Sainsburys have not upped anything, they have simply copied the competition. Yawn.
  • Brandon H.
    "With the average price of a litre of petrol being £135.71" Damn bitterwallet, i know its expensive but where the hell you buying your petrol from? 2 out of the three products are junk food/drink items. Save on petrol so you can drive an even fatter a**e around.
  • Mark C.
    While I'm sure that before any too long petrol will cost '£135.71' a litre (around about the same sort of time we all start driving dune buggies, wearing mohawks and talking in Aussie accents), we're not quite there yet. And as with all purchase related discounts, if you're buying soft drinks, washing powder and ice-cream anyway, it's a decent deal, if not, don't bother.
  • gav
    shouldn't they be a bit more responsible and require you to purchase something a bit healthier than coke or ice cream? it seems like a good way to promote certain products so they could get everyone trying some quinoa or something...

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