RBS sending customers to Williams & Glyn

Williams-and-Glyn Even though it vanished from the high street yonks ago, RBS are bringing back the Williams & Glyn bank. This is one of the conditions under the taxpayer bailout, which RBS want to reuse, and then float on the stock market as a separate business.

RBS originally disbanded the bank in 1985, but now it is coming back.

This week, RBS sent an email to customers, telling some of them that they were being shifted over to this new arm, whether they liked it or not.

The email says: "We'll be launching a new bank 'Williams & Glyn' by the end of next year. As an RBS England & Wales customer, [we're] delighted you'll become part of this new bank and [we're] excited to share the progress we're making in building Williams & Glyn."

They add, that this is apparently "more than just a name change. It's a new way of banking."

RBS are vowing that they'll "be re-introducing Bank Managers in our branches. They will play a central role at Williams & Glyn, spending time getting to know their customers and understanding their needs."

There's a page dedicated to answering your questions, over at rbs.co.uk/williamsandglyn, but there doesn't seem to be a resolution for the main question; "Erm... and when did I agree to this?"


  • Euan
    Exactly like when, as a long-term Lloyds customer, I was fobbed off to TSB when they split that off...
  • LD
    It is not just reverting to what RBS originally was down South?

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